NottyPooch is a handmade brand run by two Malaysian based independent designers, Huey and Wah. We specialise in giving new lives to used and unwanted billboard banners by making them into eco-friendly, functional and eye-catching accessories.

The Reason
to be Unique.

The culture of mass-production has led to many of us dressing, furnishing, and decorating alike. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being alike, we like to believe that each and everyone of us is unique. And here we are, creating items that reflect what we believe in - items that are totally ONE-OF-A-KIND.

The Beauty of Keeping it Small.

As small-scale independent designers, we strive to run our business as responsible as we can. Being able to keep it small means we get to control and pay attention to every aspect of the creating process, from brainstorming to prototype forming, right up to product sewing. This also means that we can take our time to work on a product until we decide it's what we want it to be.

All NottyPooch creations are humbly and carefully handmade in our home studio. As we handmade them one at a time, kindly expect slight variations from one to another - after all, they are supposed to carry their own characters with pride.

Bark at us. (contact us)

Though it's true that we bark a lot over here *woof!*, we still love to hear from you. Email us at enquiry@nottypooch.com with your questions or any barkings, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Etsy store is on vacation mode.

We're rearranging several areas of our life and business while venturing into a new phase, and will be back online once we're settled. Many thanks for your kind understanding. You may still visit our Etsy store NottyPooch @ Etsy to view our previous work.